For all sewer installation and drainage work in Sydney

Customer-focused drain clearing services

H2Stow in Sydney is your best bet for all sewer installation and drainage solutions. We diagnose, clear blockages, and when necessary repair pipes quickly, reliably, and without fuss. We get the job done and get out of your way, leaving only clear pipes and drains - we clean up as we go. 

  • Problem investigations
  • CCTV investigations
  • Complete sewer and storm water replacement
  • New storm water installation
  • Restoration of landscaping following drainage work

Sewer services

Need a sewer installation, repair or replacement in Sydney? Had the plumber out three or four times to clear the pipeline?

Often these costs can repair the line with new PVC pipes and although these pipes are not seen every day replacing them can add great value to your most prized investment: your home.

Sewer services provided for residential, rural, commercial and industrial include:

  • New dwelling sewer installation
  • Complete replacements of existing earthenware (clay) pipes
  • Repairs of earthenware and PVC sewer pipes
  • Rectification of existing non–compliant work ie; incorrect gradients and sewer connected to stormwater pipes
  • Additions to existing pipe work for sub-branches and sidelines, ie. additional bathrooms and kitchens
  • Septic tank repairs and absorbtion trench replacements
  • Onsite treatment tank installations
  • Plus much more!
inspecting flooding warehouse to fix sewer installation in Sydney

Stormwater services

One of the most valuable and underestimated assets on your property! Stormwater can damage your house or dwelling and property in so many ways by means of flooding, rising damp and subsidence, and yet without a certain amount your asset would become worthless. Having specialised in stormwater design and installation for some time, we can design and install a system that not only protects your investment but adds great value and resale benefits, a subject our rural customers have respected and recognised us for. Stormwater services include:

  • Complete design and new dwelling installations
  • Complete replacements of existing earthenware (clay) and PVC pipes
  • Repairs to earthenware and PVC pipes
  • Rectification of non-compliant stormwater work ie; incorrect gradients and stormwater connections to the sewer network
  • Additions to existing pipe work to accommodate new dwelling extensions etc
  • Council engineered (hydraulics) stormwater pipe work and pits for sub-division
  • On-site above / under ground detention tank installation
  • Sub terrain drainage, ie. rising damp rectification
  • On-site absorption trench installation
  • Charged stormwater systems
  • Underground storage tank installation
  • Under-deck storage tank installation
  • Above ground storage tank installation
  • Plus much more!

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